My Adult Piano Lessons Took Me Somewhere New: The Piano Enriched my Writing Life

by | Jan 13, 2011

Photo by Frank Schramm.

Earlier this week, I authored a guest blog post, When “Write What You Know” Takes You Somewhere New.  The posting explores how my passion for the piano–my adult piano lessons, piano recitals, and piano performances–alchemized to have a salubrious effect on my professional life as a writer.

The blog where my guest post appears, Notes on Craft and the Creative Process, is authored by Christina Baker Kline.  A four-time novelist with a fifth due in a few months, Baker Kline blogs about writing, specifically “what motivates and inspires me, what tips and tricks I use to keep going, and how I deal with the unexpected.”  She also features guest posts by other authors on specific aspects of craft and identity, including the recent post by yours truly.

Other students of adult piano lessons have shared stories with me that in many ways are similar to my own.  For these people in love with the piano, pursuing their passion has fueled positive changes of life in their careers and relationships.  My plan for this blog is to include these stories in a new, ongoing series, Profiles of Students of Adult Piano Lessons.  My hope is that this series will be not only motivating, but also transformational.


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