Juilliard Students Perform to Save a Life

A Benefit Concert for a Young Artist

Juilliard students Chelsea Smith and David Aladashvili perform Beethoven’s Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 4 in A Minor, Opus 23, I. Presto.
On Sunday, April 7, a group of rising stars of classical music from the Juilliard School came together at the Christ and Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church in New York City to perform with a single cause: raising funds for Giorgi Korganashvili, a 24-year-old actor from the Republic of Georgia who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. The event was organized by Young for Young, an organization dedicated to helping young artists in need.

“Giorgi is on the plane at this moment, flying to Israel for his bone marrow transplant surgery. He was very moved when I told him we were holding this concert, and he said that when he gets better, and I’m sure he will get better, he will also perform for young artists in need.” With these words and a slight tremble in his voice, David Aladashvili, Giorgi’s compatriot and pianist from the Juilliard School, opened up the recital of nine artists performing to raise funds for Giorgi’s surgery.

The repertoire, which included Beethoven‘s Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 4 in A Minor, Opus 23, among pieces by Chopin, Strauss, Bach, Schumann, and Hoagy Carmichael, seemed to convey the emotions Giorgi must have felt on the plane. His vulnerability emanated from the musicians’ soft touches on the piano keys and violin strings. The anger and frustration that undoubtedly accompany a battle with leukemia radiated in the frowning faces of the musicians as they dramatically stroked their instruments.

As I sat on the front bench in the beautiful church, relishing every note, I wished that Giorgi could have watched these performances, finding comfort in his fellow artists’ compassion.


To make a contribution for Giorgi’s recovery, send funds to:

Beneficiary’s name: Giorgi Korganashvili
Beneficiary’s IBAN NO: GE13BR0000010150958229
Beneficiary Bank: SWIFT: REPL GE 22 BANK REPUBLIC, Tbilisi, Georgia
Intermediary Bank Societe Generale, N.Y., USA
Swift: SOGE US 33
Correspondent Acc.00195464

Juilliard students Chelsea Smith, David Aladashvili, Giuseppe Mentuccia, Dima Dimitrova, Mariam Machaidze, Beka Gochiashvili, Kevin Liao, Ariana Solotoff, and Gemma Nam performed in this recital.

Giorgi’s story recalls the GRAND PIANO PASSION™ article on Emily Sun, an accomplished amateur pianist from Australia who is battling brain cancer. Emily is currently in dire need of stem cells from Asian donors. If you or someone you know can help, please visit emilyneedsstemcells.com.

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  1. Beautiful and touching! What a wonderful philanthropy!

    • Thank you, Jacqueline. I thought the performance was stunning!

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