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Expression Is the Need of My Soul

Embracing imperfection, finding courage, and stating clear goals are just some of the keys to unlocking creative expression through practicing the piano. »

Adult Piano Lessons in a Time-Starved World

Adult Piano Lessons in a Time-Starved World

Enrolled in adult piano lessons, a busy working professional and single mother of two wonders how artists find time to practice, and engage in creativity. »

From Accounting to Adult Piano Lessons to Guiding Light

From Accounting to Adult Piano Lessons to Guiding Light

In this interview, the second in a series, Indusekhar Menon relates how adult piano lessons sparked a significant career change and a foray into composing. »

When An Adult Saw a Piano for the First Time

ndusekhar Menon hails from Pune, India, a city known as the Oxford of the East. In his early 30s, after looking upon a grand piano for the first time, he joined the global community of people with a p... »


Rushing Haydn in Adult Piano Lessons

After flying through life, an adult piano student learns that practicing slowly is the only way to really learn and understand a difficult Haydn movement. »

How piano lessons enriched this writer's life.

How Adult Piano Lessons Enriched My Writing Life

Returning to adult piano lessons after a 25-year hiatus from the piano becomes the fodder for Nancy M. Williams's intensive writing residency and memoir. »


How a Varsity Football Player Turned to Classical Piano Music

Classical piano music, in the form of a Chopin Nocturne, helped this varsity football player persevere through poor health after suffering a serious injury. »

Harriet Kaplan performs Bach’s prelude and Fugue in G sharp minor, No.18 from Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1.

A Cellist Takes Adult Piano Lessons

In this video, exclusive to GRAND PIANO PASSION™, Harriet Kaplan performs Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in G-sharp Minor, No.18 from Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1. I’ve always regarded people who pla... »

Finding the Road’s Curve in Classical Piano Music

When Toshiko Nishino emigrated to the United States from Japan, wanting her life to be different, she could not know she would find classical piano music. »

Stacy Schwartz plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Making Time for Adult Piano Lessons

Stacy Schwartz playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow after only four months of study. Stacy Schwartz, a professor at Rutgers University, a business consultant, and a mother of three children all under se... »

That’s Pearls to My Ears

Improving piano technique doesn't have to mean practicing boring scales and exercises. Disguised as repertoire, Burgmüller's studies make the work fun. »


Perri Knize on Her Adult Piano Lessons

“Learning the piano is hard, but doing hard things can be very rewarding,” advises Perri Knize, author of the bestselling Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey, my October Selection.  In this s... »

Jennifer Savitch plays two beginner songs.

Starry Night in Adult Piano Lessons

Jennifer Savitch introduces and then plays two songs she has learned during the first three months of her adult piano lessons. As a charter pilot who often flies at nighttime, Jennifer Savitch has exp... »

Body over Mind in Adult Piano Lessons

Body over Mind in Adult Piano Lessons

"Body over Mind" is a useful approach in adult piano lessons as well as yoga classes, Nancy M. Williams learns as she prepares to perform a Chopin Prelude. »


Flying in Adult Piano Lessons

This month’s profile is of Hector Rodriguez, who works as a pilot for JetBlue. As evident from the exclusive video of Hector playing at the end of this posting, he has accomplished unbelievable ... »

Pianists Show Up in the Most Unexpected Places

Pianists Show Up in the Most Unexpected Places

Sophia Efthimiatou stops at an eyebrow salon and is treated to live classical piano music: the salon's owner has two pianos and practices two hours a day. »

How an Astrophysicist Got to Carnegie Hall

How an Astrophysicist Got to Carnegie Hall

In April, I watched Ria Dawn Carlo, an astrophysicist, perform Lizst’s Un Sospiro at Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall. As the 2010 First Prize winner in the Amateur Division of the Bradshaw &... »

Osama and Adult Piano Lessons

Photo by Frank Schramm. This past Sunday night, while a group of Navy Seals broke into a compound in a nothern Pakistani city and cornered Osama Bin Laden, I packed for a trip to Washington DC, unawar... »

Leya Evelyn, an Abstract Painter, Takes Adult Piano Lessons

Leya Evelyn, an Abstract Painter, Takes Adult Piano Lessons

In this month’s profile, we meet Leya Evelyn, an abstract painter who has studied classical piano music for most of her life. In an exclusive interview, she shares the effective practice habits she gl... »


Adult Piano Student Strangles Burgmuller’s Pastorale

Here is Burgmuller’s Pastorale, Opus 100, Number 3, performed by yours truly at her adult piano lesson, in all its straightjacketed glory. I recently experienced, in my study of Burgmuller’s Pastorale... »

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