Adult piano students and teachers

Harriet Kaplan performs Bach’s prelude and Fugue in G sharp minor, No.18 from Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1.

A Cellist Takes Adult Piano Lessons

In this video, exclusive to GRAND PIANO PASSION™, Harriet Kaplan performs Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in G-sharp Minor, No.18 from Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1. I’ve always regarded people who pla... »


Fighting Cancer with Classical Piano Music

Playing classical piano music, especially Beethoven, is another form of therapy for Emily Sun, who is undergoing an intensive radiotherapy cancer treatment. »


A Piano Teacher Takes Adult Piano Lessons

Piano teacher Matthew Harre felt disenchanted with his piano technique, so he decided to take up piano lessons again under the prominent Alexander Lipsky. »

Ricker Choi plays Liszt's Totentanz

How to Perform a Piano Concerto

Ricker Choi performed a Liszt piano concerto with an orchestra for an amateur piano competition, and he offers his insider's perspective in this interview. »

Finding the Road’s Curve in Classical Piano Music

When Toshiko Nishino emigrated to the United States from Japan, wanting her life to be different, she could not know she would find classical piano music. »

Ricker Choi's on playing the quiet piano.

When You Need a Quiet Piano

After accomplished amateur pianist Ricker Choi received a threatening letter from neighbors about his piano practice, he decided to invest in a quiet piano. »


When Your Piano Teacher Is a Composer

Having Seymour Bernstein, the composer of New Pictures at an Exhibition, as a piano teacher got Mark Cannon interested in more modern classical piano music. »


Ensembles and Adult Piano Lessons

Alberto De Salas believes that playing in an ensemble is crucial to a pianist’s development. The founder of the Amateur Classical Musicians Association (ACMA), Alberto performed an Ástor Piazzolla pie... »


Giving Back at the Cadillac Hotel

Ria Carlo, a recording pianist, decides to give back by playing a free concert in the Tenderloin district, and finds an enthusiastic, appreciative audience. »

Stacy Schwartz plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Making Time for Adult Piano Lessons

Stacy Schwartz playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow after only four months of study. Stacy Schwartz, a professor at Rutgers University, a business consultant, and a mother of three children all under se... »

Matt Harre gives adult piano students advice on performance.

Why Students of Adult Piano Lessons Should Perform

In this exclusive video for GRAND PIANO PASSION™, Matt Harre gives adult piano students useful tips for preparing for their performances. Matthew Harre believes that performing on the piano is a diffe... »

The Solace of Classical Piano Music

The Solace of Classical Piano Music

In this interview, amateur pianist Ria Carlo discusses her CD, playing lesser-known composers like Samuel Barber, and recording on a Yamaha S4 grand piano. »

Mark Cannon plays Sonata #9

An Independent Streak in Piano Study

Mark Cannon, a psychiatrist by profession, takes an unconventional approach to piano study, preferring to work independently and take lessons occasionally. »

That’s Pearls to My Ears

Improving piano technique doesn't have to mean practicing boring scales and exercises. Disguised as repertoire, Burgmüller's studies make the work fun. »

Losing Control in Adult Piano Lessons

atthew Harre, one of the most well-known teachers of adult piano lessons in the Washington DC area, prescribes scales, patience, and practice like many of his music-teaching brethren. Yet after a stud... »


Perri Knize on Her Adult Piano Lessons

“Learning the piano is hard, but doing hard things can be very rewarding,” advises Perri Knize, author of the bestselling Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey, my October Selection.  In this s... »

Jennifer Savitch plays two beginner songs.

Starry Night in Adult Piano Lessons

Jennifer Savitch introduces and then plays two songs she has learned during the first three months of her adult piano lessons. As a charter pilot who often flies at nighttime, Jennifer Savitch has exp... »

Giving a Voice to Amateurs

Giving a Voice to Amateurs

By day Alberto De Salas works as a business analyst in New York City, but on evenings and weekends, he transforms into the founder of the Amateur Classical Musicians Association (ACMA). In anticipatio... »


Adult Piano Lessons Always Come Back to the Notes

Amateur pianist Glenn Kramer talks about his early piano teachers, his experience competing in Paris, and his community for students of adult piano lessons. »

Body over Mind in Adult Piano Lessons

Body over Mind in Adult Piano Lessons

"Body over Mind" is a useful approach in adult piano lessons as well as yoga classes, Nancy M. Williams learns as she prepares to perform a Chopin Prelude. »

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