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Aria from the Bach Goldberg Variations Played by Michael Brazile

Amateur pianist Michael Brazile plays the Aria from the Bach Goldberg Variations in this original video, and offers advice on how to handle the tempo and repeats. »


Bach Invention in B-flat Major Played by Michael Brazile

Amateur pianist Michael Brazile plays the Bach Invention No. 14 in B-flat Major in this original video, and shares how he approaches tempo and repetition in the two-part invention. »


Fitting Serious Practice Time into a Busy Life

Get piano practice tips from an award-winning amateur pianist who balances a full-time business career with high-level performances, including concertos. »


Amateurs and Professionals Perform Together in New York

A concert in New York City will showcase a mix of amateur and professional pianists and singers who all have one thing in common: their passion for music. »


Women Composers Celebrated in Classical Piano Recital

AmateurPianists organized a recital featuring piano works by all women composers during Women's History Month. Amateur performers share what they learned. »


Mozart Fantasia in D Minor Played by Toshiko Nishino

Toshiko Nishino plays the Mozart Fantasia in D Minor in this original video, and explains why it can be difficult to interpret Mozart's music as an adult. »


Poulenc’s Novelette No. 1 Played by Shirley Gruenhut

Shirley Gruenhut plays Poulenc Novelette No. 1 and discusses the composer's use of harmony, the underrated key of C major, and the imagery the music evokes. »


Schumann’s Album for the Young No. 30 Played by Nancy M. Williams

Amateur pianist Nancy M. Williams plays Schumann's Album for the Young 30, one of the lesser-known, difficult pieces at the back of the book, in this video. »


Alberto De Salas Plays Bernstein’s Suite from West Side Story

Performing Leonard Bernstein's Suite from West Side Story taught Alberto De Salas about the power of silence, and helped him grow as an ensemble musician. »

Pianist Shirley Gruenhut plays Bach's French Suite No.5

Shirley Gruenhut Plays the Bach French Suite No. 5

You can hear the thump-thump on the dance floor, says Shirley Gruenhut of Bach French Suite No.5, which she plays on video and discusses in this guest post. »


Nancy M. Williams Plays the Chopin Raindrop Prelude

In this video, Nancy M. Williams plays the Chopin Raindrop Prelude in recital at Carnegie Hall—a challenge after a 25-year hiatus from practicing piano. »


Toshiko Nishino Plays the Debussy First Arabesque

Amateur pianist Toshiko Nishino plays the Debussy First Arabesque and explains how she interprets the piece with imagery of birds, water and green fields. »

Brahms Intermezzo in B-flat Minor Amplified

Rabbi David Posner, amateur pianist, plays the Brahms Intermezzo B-flat Minor: a video, his story and insight from a music masters student at Mills College. »


Facing Down Performance Anxiety with the Bergamasque Prélude

In this video exclusive to GRAND PIANO PASSION™, Sara Solovitch plays Claude Debussy’s Prélude from the Suite Bergamasque. espite Sara Solovitch’s first recital with the Bergamasque Prélude, which she... »


A Disastrous Recital

Adult piano student Sara Solovitch takes on the prelude from Debussy's Suite Bergamasque, tackling her frustrations and performance anxiety along the way. »


Rethinking Adult Piano Lessons with Mozart

Gorden Cheng, who won an amateur piano competition playing a Mozart sonata, explains why Mozart can be more difficult to master than Liszt or Rachmaninoff. »

Glenn performs a selection from his own arrangement of a Johann Strauss Waltz Medley, at the AmateurPianists San Diego recital in May 2012.

An Amateur Pianist Creates a Concert Series

Glenn Kramer formed the San Diego group AmateurPianists with the goal of providing venues for amateur pianists of any level to gain performance experience. »

Ricker Choi plays Liszt's Totentanz

How to Perform a Piano Concerto

Ricker Choi performed a Liszt piano concerto with an orchestra for an amateur piano competition, and he offers his insider's perspective in this interview. »

Finding the Road’s Curve in Classical Piano Music

When Toshiko Nishino emigrated to the United States from Japan, wanting her life to be different, she could not know she would find classical piano music. »


When Your Piano Teacher Is a Composer

Having Seymour Bernstein, the composer of New Pictures at an Exhibition, as a piano teacher got Mark Cannon interested in more modern classical piano music. »

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