Best news articles on piano practice


Best of 2015: Building a Grand Piano, Stage Fright, Trills, and More

Our top posts of 2015 for piano students of all ages: studying Bach and Chopin, playing trills, confronting stage fright, rebuilding a grand piano, and more. »


Best of 2014: History of Piano Keys, a Chopin Prelude, How to Memorize, and More

Our top 10 posts of 2014 for piano students of all ages: Bach Inventions, benefits of music lessons, how to memorize, understanding piano keys, and more. »


Best of 2013: Clair de Lune, First Performance, Steinway Factory Tour, and More

Our top 13 posts of 2013 for piano students of all ages: a beginner's first performance, interviews with concert pianists, essays on returning to the piano. »


Top 5 on Piano Practice

An adult's piano practice with his daughter, mean teachers, and small upright pianos for cramped apartments are subjects of our recommended reads from June. »


Top 5 on Piano Practice

Did your piano teacher ever draw a star on crutches in your piano practice notebook? This reminiscence from Jeremy Denk in our roundup of best news articles. »

Top 5 on Piano Practice

In this roundup of articles for piano practice, Simone Dinnerstein goes piano shopping and Anthony Tommasini posits that Beethoven may have molded Wagner. »

Piano Demon by Brendan I. Koerner

Top 5 on Piano Practice

From an article endorsing slow piano practice to a long form piece on a jazz artist, Grand Piano Passion™ recommends the Top 5 pieces on piano practice. »

Becoming Them: An Article about Piano Music

James Wood complains when his father listens to classical records, until the author falls crushingly for Beethoven, in this article about piano music. »