Classical Piano Study—via the iPad

Short of memorizing your whole repertoire—or a personal piano-butler to turn pages—the forScore iPad app is one of the best solutions for amateur musicians. »

Accessible Piano Repertoire from Latin America

An interview with creators of Piano Accents: Latin America, accessible piano repertoire minus the cute pictures, a good choice for advanced beginner adults. »


Latin America Music for the Piano

Dr. Gail Fischler, piano teacher and speaker, advocates that piano students expand their repertoire from classical to Latin American popular and folk music. »

At Last, Accessible Classical Piano Music

At Last, Accessible Classical Piano Music

An advanced beginner pianist offers her picks for accessible classical piano music that appeals to adults, including Philip Glass, Brahms, and Mendelssohn. »

That’s Pearls to My Ears

Improving piano technique doesn't have to mean practicing boring scales and exercises. Disguised as repertoire, Burgmüller's studies make the work fun. »