Richard Einhorn


My First Walk4Hearing

After being invited to the HLAA Walk4Hearing, Nancy M. Williams at first resisted attending because she was still coming to terms with her own hearing loss. »


Hearing Loops for Musical Performances

For people with hearing loss, a musical performance can be transformative if the theater has a hearing loop. It's not always easy, explains Lorraine Gailey. »


Coming Out About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an aspect of life that has a coming out process, says composer Jay Alan Zimmerman, who will be speaking at an event on May 13 in New York. »


Top 5 on Music and Hearing

Musicians with hearing loss have a range of experiences, as illustrated by these articles from April featuring a composer, DJ, music writer, and pianist. »

Hearing Loss at the Opera

The opera singer Ben Luxon denied his hearing loss until he couldn’t anymore. An exclusive excerpt from Katherine Bouton's new book, Shouting Won't Help. »

The Girl Soldier, Joan of Arc

The Girl Soldier, Joan of Arc

irls are not supposed to be violent. But girls are not supposed to be warriors, whose métier is, after all, violence. They are not supposed to be burned alive. It is precisely the disjunction between ... »

The Movie Behind Voices of Light

The Movie Behind Voices of Light

The strange history of the silent film masterpiece, The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928), has many of the same elements, including obsession, madness, and even fire, of Joan of Arc‘s life itself. T... »


Reliving our Own Time with Voices of Light

In an interview about Voices of Light, composer Richard Einhorn explains the story behind each section of the oratorio, interspersed with MP3s to listen to. »