Toshiko Nishino


Amateurs and Professionals Perform Together in New York

A concert in New York City will showcase a mix of amateur and professional pianists and singers who all have one thing in common: their passion for music. »


Mozart Fantasia in D Minor Played by Toshiko Nishino

Toshiko Nishino plays the Mozart Fantasia in D Minor in this original video, and explains why it can be difficult to interpret Mozart's music as an adult. »


Toshiko Nishino Plays the Debussy First Arabesque

Amateur pianist Toshiko Nishino plays the Debussy First Arabesque and explains how she interprets the piece with imagery of birds, water and green fields. »

Finding the Road’s Curve in Classical Piano Music

When Toshiko Nishino emigrated to the United States from Japan, wanting her life to be different, she could not know she would find classical piano music. »