Articles by Jay Alan Zimmerman, Contributing Writer at Grand Piano Passion™

Jay Alan Zimmerman is a composer, author, and multimedia installation artist. Theatrical works include his award-winning INCREDIBLY DEAF MUSICAL at The Duke on 42nd Street, A ROYAL SOAP OPERA at The Clurman, SMOKIN, MY CAFÉ CINDERELLA, and the song cycle PUNCTUATED THOUGHTS. Visual music installations include WINDOW MUSIC at the New York Academy of Medicine, ART/SONG at chashama Times Square, and multimedia symphony created for the LEMUR musical robots. He scored the London-produced plays BOOTH and OUR BRUTUS and the dancefilms THE LAST LEAF and DO NOT CALL IT FIXITY—screened at the Paris Pompidou. Now profoundly deaf, he grew up playing piano, saxophone, oboe, and listening to piano lessons as his bedroom was directly over his mother’s grand. He lives in New York City with his wife, the abstract painter Lisa Ingram, and son.

Piano Keys: Theory, History, and Secrets Unlocked

Learn the history of how our modern piano keys came to be, and what they represent, from sound frequencies and mathematical relationships to music theory. »


Practice Listening with Your Memory

Practice listening using your auditory memory, recreating melodies and harmonies in your mind, to enhance your piano playing, suggests Jay Alan Zimmerman. »


Practice Listening with Your Eyes

Deaf composer Jay Alan Zimmerman sheds light on ways to practice listening to deepen your understanding of music and the piano, including using visual cues. »


Practice Listening with Your Body

Next time you practice piano, practice listening to and feeling the sounds and vibrations using your entire body, suggests deaf composer Jay Alan Zimmerman. »


Preparing for Fun and… WHAT?

Preparing for groups with hearing loss can be frustrating; how can you meet everyone's needs while running a smooth event? Jay Alan Zimmerman offers tips. »


Coming Out About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an aspect of life that has a coming out process, says composer Jay Alan Zimmerman, who will be speaking at an event on May 13 in New York. »


Practice Listening with Your Ears

Composer Jay Alan Zimmerman describes how to train yourself in your piano practice to hear the sound of each string, paving the way for advanced technique. »