About Grand Piano Passion™

An online oasis of articles, essays, and original videos for
studying the piano as an adult, making music despite hearing loss,
and claiming your passion, whatever it may be.

Community of Adult Piano Students

We embrace musicians aged 16 and up, from beginners to performers, from all over the world. The act of practicing is often solitary. Friends and family may not understand why you play the same measure over and over. Here at Grand Piano Passion™ are pianists—some beginners, others performing amateur pianists—who share your passion.

Inspiration and Claiming Your Passion

We explore how music provides a gateway to self-expression, emotional recovery, physical healing, and giving back. Our articles also advise how to achieve your goals at the piano. Founding Editor Nancy M. Williams’ column, Claiming Your Passion, stirs you to find the deepest part of yourself and to claim your passion, whatever it may be.

Piano Theory, Practice, and Technique

In addition to the piano’s spiritual element, we embrace the nitty-gritty of technique. The piano practice articles at Grand Piano Passion™ address specific challenges from trills to practicing in your mind. We often wrap the pointers within the story of a pianist’s experience, such as Robin Sloane Seibert’s essay on learning music theory.

Classical Piano Music Amplified™

Our well-regarded Classical Piano Music Amplified series explores, from multiple perspectives, pieces commonly studied by adult piano students, such as the Chopin Prelude in E Minor and the Debussy First Arabesque. We recommend accessible repertoire and share, in exclusive video interviews, wisdom from concert pianists such as Simone Dinnerstein.

Making Music Despite Hearing Loss

Since two-thirds of adult musicians have a hearing loss, Grand Piano Passion™ delves into the relationship between hearing and music. Our articles explore the shame often associated with a hearing loss, relate experiences performing with hearing aids, and profile musicians with hearing loss.

Only the Best Journalism

We honor the power of a good story, told well. All of Grand Piano Passion’s™ writers, from Founding Editor Nancy M. Williams to guest writers, take as long as needed to polish each piece into its finished form. And our writers bring expertise from multiple fields: Cosmo Buono is a Steinway Artist, piano teacher, and consultant to classical musicians; Michael Brazile is a digital marketing strategist; Robin Sloane Seibert is a former executive in the record industry.

Curated Content on Both Piano and Hearing

Combing through books and articles to find your interest can be time-consuming. At Grand Piano Passion™, we curate the content for you, recommending offbeat news articles, books, YouTube videos, and recordings, in both the areas of classical piano music and hearing health.