How to practice piano


Fitting Serious Practice Time into a Busy Life

Get piano practice tips from an award-winning amateur pianist who balances a full-time business career with high-level performances, including concertos. »


Where’s the Finish Line?

Practicing the first movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata in G Major, an adult piano student wonders when she’ll be able to say she’s finished with the piece. »


Practice Listening with Your Memory

Practice listening using your auditory memory, recreating melodies and harmonies in your mind, to enhance your piano playing, suggests Jay Alan Zimmerman. »


How to Memorize Piano Music, With Help from Music Theory

An adult piano student resolves to memorize Schumann’s “From Foreign Lands and People,” and uses music theory and her tactile sense to accomplish the feat. »


Patience, Preparation, and a Pencil

With only one hour of piano practice a week, Joanna Eng wonders how she'll learn the Debussy Clair de Lune, but these three P's have her holding onto hope. »


My Teacher Made Me Practice… DURING My Lesson

Nancy M. Williams saw adult piano lessons as a time to show off her progress; humiliation set in when her teacher made her practice right in front of him. »


Rushing Haydn in Adult Piano Lessons

After flying through life, an adult piano student learns that practicing slowly is the only way to really learn and understand a difficult Haydn movement. »

Practicing Classical Piano Music in Your Mind

Practicing Classical Piano Music in Your Mind

Struggling to learn the melody of a Chopin Nocturne, Nancy M. Williams finds running through the piece in her mind is as productive as sitting at the piano. »

Press Record to Improve Your Sound

Press Record to Improve Your Sound

One method to improve your sound in classical piano music is to record yourself playing. The mistakes will ring out with clarity and become easier to fix. »