Articles by Joanna M. Eng, Contributing Editor at Grand Piano Passion™

Joanna Eng is a New York-based freelance writer and editor who has enjoyed playing piano since age six.

Ditching Debussy for the Day

Practicing the Debussy Clair de Lune just doesn't fit one day, so although this piano student only has an hour to play, she sight-reads a new piece instead. »


Best of 2013: Clair de Lune, First Performance, Steinway Factory Tour, and More

Our top 13 posts of 2013 for piano students of all ages: a beginner's first performance, interviews with concert pianists, essays on returning to the piano. »


Portraying What Cannot Be Seen

Abstract painter and amateur pianist Leya Evelyn keeps representational images out of her art in order to explore deeper qualities of the human experience. »


Simone Dinnerstein Plays The Cohen Variations

In this video, Simone Dinnerstein plays The Cohen Variations, a piano solo composed by Daniel Felsenfeld and based on the 1967 Leonard Cohen song “Suzanne.” »


Patience, Preparation, and a Pencil

With only one hour of piano practice a week, Joanna Eng wonders how she'll learn the Debussy Clair de Lune, but these three P's have her holding onto hope. »


Top 5 on Music and Hearing

Hearing loss prevention in the rock industry, deaf rappers, and advancements in cochlear implant technology to improve music perception all made headlines. »


My First Year Back

Having recently returned to piano practice, Joanna Eng delves into the history of her childhood lessons and what she missed most during her 10-year hiatus. »


My Experience with Sudden Hearing Loss

An experience with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear affects listening to speech, music and sounds, but provides more of a push to play the piano. »


Simone Dinnerstein on How Bach Looks Ahead to Pop

In a unique interview, Simone Dinnerstein connects the Bach Prelude in B Minor to jazz and contemporary pop music, providing inspiration for piano practice. »


A Contemporary Romantic

Watercolor artist Annika Connor, whose work has enhanced essays and poems on this site, explains why she considers herself a Contemporary Romantic painter. »


Top 5 on Music and Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss for horn players, a memoir about losing music and a thoughtful rant against the term hearing impaired made the news in September. »


A Fly on the Wall at an Adult Piano Lesson

This video of an adult piano lesson and interview with Cosmo Buono provides tips on finding your own musical interpretation and remembering to be grateful. »


Back to Piano Practice

Committing to learn the Debussy Clair de Lune is an important step for this amateur who hasn't practiced regularly in a decade and doesn't even own a piano. »


Top 5 on Music and Hearing

An app for listening to music with hearing loss, a family band with hearing aids, musical hallucinations, and loud restaurants all made headlines in August. »


Music Perception for Cochlear Implant Users

Cochlear implant users face unique challenges in playing and perceiving music. The AAMHL Web Conference brings together experts and users to exchange ideas. »


Top 5 on Music and Hearing

Technology for pianists with hearing loss, musicality in dance lessons for the deaf, and an app made for deaf music fans were in the news and blogs in July. »


Hearing Loops for Musical Performances

For people with hearing loss, a musical performance can be transformative if the theater has a hearing loop. It's not always easy, explains Lorraine Gailey. »


Top 5 on Music and Hearing

Performing with hearing loss, listening with hearing aids and sign language interpretation at the ballet were all featured in news around the world in June. »


A Different Way of Listening

Hearing loss and music, the theme of her latest documentary, is a personal subject for Lindsey Dryden, who is deaf in one ear and grew up playing the piano. »


To Play, Dance, and Listen with Hearing Loss

At the intersection of music and hearing loss, documentary film Lost and Sound finds a pianist, a dancer, and a music writer with three distinct stories. »

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