Articles by Joanna M. Eng, Contributing Editor at Grand Piano Passion™

Joanna Eng is a New York-based freelance writer and editor who has enjoyed playing piano since age six.

Top 5 on Music and Hearing

Technology for musicians with hearing loss, a story about learning to listen to music with cochlear implants, and more were in the news and blogs in May. »


Top 5 on Music and Hearing

Musicians with hearing loss have a range of experiences, as illustrated by these articles from April featuring a composer, DJ, music writer, and pianist. »

Music and Lyricals in Song without Words

Music is the heart of the deaf, says Gerald Shea, after discovering he has been living with a hearing loss for years, in his new memoir, Song without Words. »

Top 5 on Music and Hearing

A sign language interpreter gives the thumbs-down to Lance Armstrong's musical talent, plus four other great articles on music and hearing loss for March. »

Top 5 on Music and Hearing

“She could feel the bass thumping in her throat. Cocktail glasses bounced. Heavy vases shimmied along surfaces to the beat.” This and more in our February news roundup on hearing loss and music. »

The Steinway Factory Tour Leads to Creative Inspiration

Seeing the piano-making process in action during the Steinway factory tour inspires this writer and amateur pianist to push on through creative challenges. »

Amateur pianist Joanna Eng on performing Schubert’s Fantasia in F Minor with her brother.

On the Hook to Play at My Brother’s Wedding

Preparing for a performance at her brother's wedding propelled amateur pianist Joanna Eng from feeling depressed about the piano to finding purpose. »

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