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Classical Piano Music with Angela Hewitt

Angela Hewitt's performance of the Debussy Clair de Lune showcases elements of interpretation, intention, and concentration useful to adult piano students. »

An Equal Music Review for Lovers of Classical Piano Music

Michael Holmes, the second violinist of the successful Maggiore String Quartet, by all counts should be happy. Yet ten years before, he abandoned Julia, the love of his life, at their Viennese conserv... »

High Fidelity for Amateur Pianists

Rob, the protagonist of High Fidelity, despises classical piano music. If he were to meet an adult student of classical piano lessons at a London pub, he might puff cigarette smoke out of the side of ... »

Simone Dinnerstein’s Sound for Adult Piano Lessons

Pianist Simone Dinnerstein's 2012 album of Bach and Schubert music, Something Almost Being Said, provides inspirational listening for adult piano students. »

A Good Yarn for Adult Piano Lessons

In this exclusive video interview with Lynn York, she reads two selections from the book. Two love stories, a murder mystery, and a mother-daughter tale, juiced with plenty of comedic and sexy moments... »

Martha Argerich and Tempo Rubato

Martha Argerich and Tempo Rubato

Tempo rubato, literally "stolen time," can be difficult to express in piano music. Martha Argerich's Chopin recordings offer helpful, inspiring examples. »

That’s Pearls to My Ears

Improving piano technique doesn't have to mean practicing boring scales and exercises. Disguised as repertoire, Burgmüller's studies make the work fun. »

A Grand Obsession for Adult Piano Lessons

A Grand Obsession for Adult Piano Lessons

In the autumn of her forty-third year, Perri Knize realized that the piano was all she wanted to do with her life. Startled by the quiet force of her intentions, she enrolled in adult piano lessons an... »

Summer Read for Students of Adult Piano Lessons

Summer Read for Students of Adult Piano Lessons

One summer in college, Robin Meloy Goldsby takes a waitressing job in Nantucket, far from her hometown of Pittsburgh.  She misses her piano.  She wanders into the Club Car, a famous old restaurant, as... »


Adult Piano Student Strangles Burgmuller’s Pastorale

Here is Burgmuller’s Pastorale, Opus 100, Number 3, performed by yours truly at her adult piano lesson, in all its straightjacketed glory. I recently experienced, in my study of Burgmuller’s Pastorale... »


Anna Shelest’s Pictures at an Exhibition: A Personal Journey for this Student of Adult Piano Lessons

A week ago this past Sunday, inside one of the grand salons of the Ukrainian Institute on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, I watched Anna Shelest strike the opening chords to Mussorgsky’s Picture... »

The Piano Shop on the Left Bank: Adult Piano Lessons in Paris

One of my dearest friends, Jacqueline, recently asked me to suggest a well-written book that was free of frightening suspense or family trauma. I sent her a list of my favorite literary chick-lit, but... »

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