Inspiration and claiming your passion

Robin plays Prelude in E-major, BWV 937, from Bach’s Little Preludes and Fugues.

Falling in Love with Bach

While on vacation, Robin Sloane Seibert stays inside the beach house to tackle the challenges of Bach's Prelude in E Major, and ends up finding summer love. »

Amateur pianist Joanna Eng on performing Schubert’s Fantasia in F Minor with her brother.

On the Hook to Play at My Brother’s Wedding

Preparing for a performance at her brother's wedding propelled amateur pianist Joanna Eng from feeling depressed about the piano to finding purpose. »

Carnegie Hall

Visualization for Carnegie Hall

After walking the spiritual Labyrinth at church, Nancy M. Williams comes up with a visualization strategy for her upcoming piano recital at Carnegie Hall. »


Expression Is the Need of My Soul

Embracing imperfection, finding courage, and stating clear goals are just some of the keys to unlocking creative expression through practicing the piano. »

From Accounting to Adult Piano Lessons to Guiding Light

From Accounting to Adult Piano Lessons to Guiding Light

In this interview, the second in a series, Indusekhar Menon relates how adult piano lessons sparked a significant career change and a foray into composing. »

When An Adult Saw a Piano for the First Time

ndusekhar Menon hails from Pune, India, a city known as the Oxford of the East. In his early 30s, after looking upon a grand piano for the first time, he joined the global community of people with a p... »


Classical Piano Music in a Brownstone

Spending New Year's Eve in Manhattan brings the author's thoughts back to classical piano music and the true reasons why she had deserted it in her youth. »

How piano lessons enriched this writer's life.

How Adult Piano Lessons Enriched My Writing Life

Returning to adult piano lessons after a 25-year hiatus from the piano becomes the fodder for Nancy M. Williams's intensive writing residency and memoir. »

A Classical Piano Music Sit-Down Comedienne

I picked up the sheet music from the floor and said, “Whoops! Sorry about that,” and the audience was hysterical: Shirley Gruenhut's adventures performing. »


How a Varsity Football Player Turned to Classical Piano Music

Classical piano music, in the form of a Chopin Nocturne, helped this varsity football player persevere through poor health after suffering a serious injury. »


Lazer Tag and Classical Piano Music

Playing Lazer Tag at her son's birthday party reminds Nancy M. Williams of the uncertainties of sight-reading and gives her a push to address her weakness. »


Fighting Cancer with Classical Piano Music

Playing classical piano music, especially Beethoven, is another form of therapy for Emily Sun, who is undergoing an intensive radiotherapy cancer treatment. »

Lent’s Thirds in Clair de Lune

Lent’s Thirds in Clair de Lune

Committed to an act of justice each day during Lent, an amateur pianist begins to understand what it all means while practicing the thirds in Clair de Lune. »

Lowered Shoulders: When Piano Technique Spreads Out to Life

After Nancy M. Williams' piano teacher urged her to relax her shoulders while playing, her quest for this piano technique led to understanding of her past. »


Music to Write By: The Piano Music of Frédéric Chopin

The Chopin Collection boxed set is writer Erika Dreifus's most prized possession, seeing her through novels, short stories, a dissertation—and this article. »

Pianos Pop-Up for Classical Piano Music (and Jazz and Soul and Rock and Pop too)

Pianos Pop-Up for Classical Piano Music (and Jazz and Soul and Rock and Pop too)

In the summer of 2011, I learned Debussy’s First Arabesque. The ending—arpeggios waxing and waning, placid whole notes edging towards a healing E-flat—transported me. I did not know that at the same t... »

New Year’s Resolutions for Adult Piano Lessons

New Year’s Resolutions for Adult Piano Lessons

Happy New Year to new readers and faithful regulars.  The year 2012 is as of yet unblemished by missed practice sessions and full of potential for new classical piano music repertoire.  I’ve don... »


Giving Back at the Cadillac Hotel

Ria Carlo, a recording pianist, decides to give back by playing a free concert in the Tenderloin district, and finds an enthusiastic, appreciative audience. »

From 9/11 to Classical Piano Music

From 9/11 to Classical Piano Music

Frank Schramm, the gifted portraitist and fashion photographer who did the photography for this website, has commemorated the tenth anniversary of September 11 in an original and moving exhibition, In... »

Levitating with Scales in Adult Piano Lessons

After my parents had burdened the piano with so many antagonistic representations, the Russian playing the scales with such pure concentration was a relief. »

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