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Best of 2014: Pianists with Hearing Loss, Listening to Music with Cochlear Implants, and More

Our top 5 articles of 2014 on music and hearing loss: playing piano with hearing aids, listening with cochlear implants, using auditory memory, and more. »


Best of 2013: Sudden Hearing Loss, Making Music with Cochlear Implants, and More

Our top 13 articles of 2013 on music and hearing loss: studying viola with cochlear implants, practicing piano with high-frequency hearing loss, and more. »


Music’s Architecture after Sudden Hearing Loss

After sudden hearing loss in one ear, listening to music is a painful chore for Nick Coleman, who once experienced music as three-dimensional architecture. »


Practice Listening with Your Eyes

Deaf composer Jay Alan Zimmerman sheds light on ways to practice listening to deepen your understanding of music and the piano, including using visual cues. »


Hearing Health Affirmations from a Singer

Hearing health for the hard of hearing can be strengthened by affirmations. A mezzo-soprano singer with conductive hearing loss makes positive statements. »


To Play, Dance, and Listen with Hearing Loss

At the intersection of music and hearing loss, documentary film Lost and Sound finds a pianist, a dancer, and a music writer with three distinct stories. »