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Best of 2015: A Veteran with Hearing Loss Plays Piano, Musicians’ Earplugs, and More

Our top articles of 2015 on music and hearing loss: a veteran with hearing loss, tips on earplugs and hearing aids, how auditory memory works, and more. »


A Listening Profit from My Hearing Loss

Nancy M. Williams looks back on how she used to hide her hearing loss, but realizes she draws strong listening skills and musicality from her hearing loss. »


Relearning to Hear Melodies

Empowering principles to live by for people with hearing loss, by Pat Dobbs, a pianist relearning to enjoy music with a cochlear implant. »


Practice Listening with Your Memory

Practice listening using your auditory memory, recreating melodies and harmonies in your mind, to enhance your piano playing, suggests Jay Alan Zimmerman. »