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Best of 2015: Building a Grand Piano, Stage Fright, Trills, and More

Our top posts of 2015 for piano students of all ages: studying Bach and Chopin, playing trills, confronting stage fright, rebuilding a grand piano, and more. »


Back to Piano Practice—Now with a Piano

After two years of piano practice without owning a piano, Joanna Eng gets a piano in her new home, but the time and motivation to play don’t come so easily. »


Putting the Piano at the Center of My Life

Twenty-something Priscilla Rodgers felt like a failure until she decided to reclaim her passion by enrolling in piano lessons, while pursuing a new career. »


Understanding Tempo Rubato

The push and pull of tempo rubato is a tricky concept for this adult piano student, until she comes to understand rhythm through the poetry of Mary Oliver. »