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My Experience with Sudden Hearing Loss

An experience with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear affects listening to speech, music and sounds, but provides more of a push to play the piano. »

An Equal Music Review for Lovers of Classical Piano Music

Michael Holmes, the second violinist of the successful Maggiore String Quartet, by all counts should be happy. Yet ten years before, he abandoned Julia, the love of his life, at their Viennese conserv... »


Broadway’s Beethoven Composes Despite Hearing Loss

Known as Broadway's Beethoven, Jay Alan Zimmerman still composes despite having a profound hearing loss that leaves him deaf to all sounds above middle C. »

Birdsong and High-Frequency Hearing Loss

Birdsong and High-Frequency Hearing Loss

For Nancy M. Williams, high-frequency hearing loss comes with a fear of eventual deafness, but she finds power in birds’ songs and hope in their genetics. »

High-Frequency Hearing Loss Bugaboo

High-Frequency Hearing Loss Bugaboo

An amateur pianist living with high-frequency hearing loss, Nancy M. Williams offers practical, everyday tips for taking care of and wearing hearing aids. »

How My Hearing Aids Helped Me Rediscover Eyes

After being fitted for new hearing aids, Nancy M. Williams stops relying on lipreading and discovers the emotional resonance of looking into people's eyes. »

Nancy M. Williams at piano

How My New Hearing Aids Affected My Adult Piano Lessons

Upgrading to new hearing aids with a special music setting affected this amateur pianist's piano technique and playing in more ways than she was expecting. »

If a Tree Falls: Hearing Loss Redeemed

In her moving memoir If a Tree Falls, the author Jennifer Rosner writes of her family’s genetic hearing loss and deafness, plus her relationship with music. »


Hearing Aids at My Piano Recital

Nancy M. Williams' hearing aids become public knowledge after she forgets to turn them to the music setting before a performance, and decides to start over. »

Italian in Adult Piano Lessons (2 of 2)

Italian in Adult Piano Lessons (2 of 2)

I like how adult piano lessons have exposed me to Italian, in the form of the composers’ musical direction. Throughout piano scores bloom composers’ Italian words and phrases communicating dynamics an... »