Matthew Harre


Joyce Morton Plays Beethoven’s Appassionata, Second Movement

In relearning the second movement of Beethoven's Appassionata, Joyce Morton practices fluid motions, and relates to the composer's progressive hearing loss. »


Top 5 on Piano Practice

An adult's piano practice with his daughter, mean teachers, and small upright pianos for cramped apartments are subjects of our recommended reads from June. »


Joyce Morton Plays the Liszt Un Sospiro

After not playing the Liszt Un Sospiro for 10 years, adult piano student Joyce Morton relearns it and encounters both technical challenges and satisfaction. »

Piano Demon by Brendan I. Koerner

Top 5 on Piano Practice

From an article endorsing slow piano practice to a long form piece on a jazz artist, Grand Piano Passion™ recommends the Top 5 pieces on piano practice. »

Taking trial piano lessons with a new piano teacher.

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher: Taking Trial Lessons

This second of three articles on how to find a piano teacher describes how to take trial lessons, from setting them up to evaluating the fit with teachers. »

How to find a good piano teacher

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher: Getting Started

To get started finding a piano teacher for adult piano lessons, first establish your teacher's desired characteristics and then network to find candidates. »


A Piano Teacher Takes Adult Piano Lessons

Piano teacher Matthew Harre felt disenchanted with his piano technique, so he decided to take up piano lessons again under the prominent Alexander Lipsky. »

Matt Harre gives adult piano students advice on performance.

Why Students of Adult Piano Lessons Should Perform

In this exclusive video for GRAND PIANO PASSION™, Matt Harre gives adult piano students useful tips for preparing for their performances. Matthew Harre believes that performing on the piano is a diffe... »

Losing Control in Adult Piano Lessons

atthew Harre, one of the most well-known teachers of adult piano lessons in the Washington DC area, prescribes scales, patience, and practice like many of his music-teaching brethren. Yet after a stud... »