Nonfiction and instruction

Self-Discovery in Adult Piano Lessons

During a performance of the luscious Arietta from Beethoven’s Opus 111 Sonata, the concert pianist Seymour Bernstein made the mistake of opening his eyes. Usually the Arietta transported him to such a... »

The Forms within Adult Piano Lessons

Aaron Copland's What to Listen for in Music helps listeners and students of adult piano lessons understand the elements and the fundamental forms of music. »

Aspiration for Students of Adult Piano Lessons

My June selection, The Classical Musician Today: Getting and Keeping the Career You Want, is a recent release by two veterans of the classical music industry, Barry Alexander and Cosmo Buono. The book... »

New Discoveries: Listen to This

New Discoveries: Listen to This

A student of adult piano lessons expands her horizons and finds out what Schubert and Radiohead have in common while reading Listen to This by Alex Ross. »