Cosmo Buono


Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, First Movement, Amplified

The Beethoven Moonlight Sonata's first movement is not as simple as it seems; find historical context and tips on ways to interpret the piece with rubato. »


The Chopin Prelude in E Minor Amplified

Gain insight into how to play and interpret the Chopin Prelude in E Minor, from using tempo rubato to convey emotion to balancing the right and left hands. »


A Fly on the Wall at an Adult Piano Lesson

This video of an adult piano lesson and interview with Cosmo Buono provides tips on finding your own musical interpretation and remembering to be grateful. »

Taking trial piano lessons with a new piano teacher.

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher: Taking Trial Lessons

This second of three articles on how to find a piano teacher describes how to take trial lessons, from setting them up to evaluating the fit with teachers. »

How to find a good piano teacher

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher: Getting Started

To get started finding a piano teacher for adult piano lessons, first establish your teacher's desired characteristics and then network to find candidates. »

A Fresh Approach Amidst Piano Competitions for Adults

A Fresh Approach Amidst Piano Competitions for Adults

Read about how The Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition, one of many piano competitions for adults, judges contestants on basis of submitted CD. »

Carnegie Hall

Visualization for Carnegie Hall

After walking the spiritual Labyrinth at church, Nancy M. Williams comes up with a visualization strategy for her upcoming piano recital at Carnegie Hall. »

Finding the Road’s Curve in Classical Piano Music

When Toshiko Nishino emigrated to the United States from Japan, wanting her life to be different, she could not know she would find classical piano music. »


Flying in Adult Piano Lessons

This month’s profile is of Hector Rodriguez, who works as a pilot for JetBlue. As evident from the exclusive video of Hector playing at the end of this posting, he has accomplished unbelievable ... »

Aspiration for Students of Adult Piano Lessons

My June selection, The Classical Musician Today: Getting and Keeping the Career You Want, is a recent release by two veterans of the classical music industry, Barry Alexander and Cosmo Buono. The book... »