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Veteran Plays Piano Despite Suicide Bomber Attack

This Army veteran survived a suicide bomber attack in Iraq. Upon his return, despite severe injuries and hearing loss, all he wanted was to play the piano. »


A Vigil for a Beginner Piano Student

Stacy Schwartz, runner and beginner piano student, unexpectedly held her own vigil for the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions at her upright at home. »

From 9/11 to Classical Piano Music

From 9/11 to Classical Piano Music

Frank Schramm, the gifted portraitist and fashion photographer who did the photography for this website, has commemorated the tenth anniversary of September 11 in an original and moving exhibition, In... »

Osama and Adult Piano Lessons

Photo by Frank Schramm. This past Sunday night, while a group of Navy Seals broke into a compound in a nothern Pakistani city and cornered Osama Bin Laden, I packed for a trip to Washington DC, unawar... »