Frederic Chopin


My Left Hand

Bass clef and left hand notes don't come easily, but this amateur pianist finds that understanding chord progressions is the first step toward improvement. »


Chopin Waltz in B Minor Amplified

After her mother died, the pianist Catherine Shefski decided to relearn and record, for reasons she did not quite understand, the Chopin Waltz in B minor. »


Music to Write By: The Piano Music of Frédéric Chopin

The Chopin Collection boxed set is writer Erika Dreifus's most prized possession, seeing her through novels, short stories, a dissertation—and this article. »

Taking Adult Piano Lessons from Chopin

Taking Adult Piano Lessons from Chopin

Teaching adult piano lessons was composer Frederic Chopin's main source of income. His advice lives on through his students and is just as relevant today. »