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This Mother’s Day, a Concert Grand Piano

Nancy M. Williams declares rather than flowers or chocolates for Mother's Day, she wants a concert grand piano, in this Sharps and Flats™ humor essay. »


A Grand Match for Adult Piano Lessons

Photo by Frank Schramm. In my life I have bought two pianos. With my virgin purchase, I acquiesced to an arranged marriage of sorts and ended up with a piano that I liked but did not adore. Five years... »

How To Buy a Piano with a Fine Guide

How To Buy a Piano with a Fine Guide

Advice on how to buy a piano, especially for students of adult piano lessons, in this interview with Larry Fine, editor of the helpful Piano Buyer guide. »


Where’s My Hygrometer?

One responsibility that lies with students of adult piano lessons is maintaining ideal humidity around the piano. Here are some tips for using a hygrometer. »