Shirley Gruenhut


Debussy’s Sarabande from Pour le Piano in Video

Playing the Sarabande from Debussy's Pour le piano is like losing yourself in an Impressionist painting. Shirley Gruenhut performs the piece in this video. »


Poulenc’s Novelette No. 1 Played by Shirley Gruenhut

Shirley Gruenhut plays Poulenc Novelette No. 1 and discusses the composer's use of harmony, the underrated key of C major, and the imagery the music evokes. »

Pianist Shirley Gruenhut plays Bach's French Suite No.5

Shirley Gruenhut Plays the Bach French Suite No. 5

You can hear the thump-thump on the dance floor, says Shirley Gruenhut of Bach French Suite No.5, which she plays on video and discusses in this guest post. »

A Classical Piano Music Sit-Down Comedienne

I picked up the sheet music from the floor and said, “Whoops! Sorry about that,” and the audience was hysterical: Shirley Gruenhut's adventures performing. »