Develop a Seeing Hand at the Piano

Train yourself to sight-read fluently, without looking down at your hands or the keyboard, using these examples from piano repertoire at different levels. »


Learn to Sight-Read with a Disappearing-Score App

To improve your piano sight-reading skills, the Read Ahead iPad app makes you look to the next measure in the score, not allowing you to dwell on mistakes. »


Bottoms-Up with Sight-Reading

Sight-reading classical piano music isn't easy, but one adult piano student offers tips for improving your skills, such as reading the bass line first. »


Lazer Tag and Classical Piano Music

Playing Lazer Tag at her son's birthday party reminds Nancy M. Williams of the uncertainties of sight-reading and gives her a push to address her weakness. »

The Shape of Scales in Adult Piano Lessons

The Shape of Scales in Adult Piano Lessons

Piano scales become much easier when you stop thinking of the keys in black and white, and start to practice using the shape of your hands. »

Learning the score without the piano.

A Score Without the Piano in Adult Lessons

The piano score can be useful while you're not even at the piano bench. Reading the sheet music like a book leads to greater comprehension of a piece. »