Steinway piano


Beethoven’s Menacing Bust

Robin Sloane Seibert went from loathing piano lessons and being frightened of a menacing bust of Beethoven to voluntarily learning the Beethoven Bagatelles. »


A Grand Match for Adult Piano Lessons

Photo by Frank Schramm. In my life I have bought two pianos. With my virgin purchase, I acquiesced to an arranged marriage of sorts and ended up with a piano that I liked but did not adore. Five years... »

Piano for adult piano students

Hope for Adult Piano Lessons

An adult piano student considers her music ugly, a holdover from her childhood. Then when looking to buy an antique Steinway, she instead leaves with hope. »

To Buy a Piano: A Cherry Steinway’s Soul

To Buy a Piano: A Cherry Steinway’s Soul

I stepped into the foyer of an SoHo apartment in Manhattan. On the opposite wall hung an abstract oil painting of a nude, her body contorted and sectioned. At the smell of alcohol lingering in the air... »