Mozart Fantasia in D Minor Played by Toshiko Nishino

Toshiko Nishino plays the Mozart Fantasia in D Minor in this original video, and explains why it can be difficult to interpret Mozart's music as an adult.

by | Mar 17, 2014

Amateur pianist Toshiko Nishino plays the Mozart Fantasia in D Minor.

Mozart is difficult for adults because his music is not so much simple but pure. I hadn’t played Mozart since I was a child, so when my piano teacher suggested that I pick up Mozart, I thought, I don’t know how to play this kind of music. With Romantic repertoire like Chopin, it is easy to get into the music. But with Mozart, I didn’t know how to get into the music.

Once I started practicing the Fantasia in D Minor, I still struggled with how to play Mozart. I asked other pianists and piano teachers for help on getting the idea of the piece. They told me that there are so many stories in the music, and it’s similar to opera in that way. A piece is one drama, and Mozart played out a lot of things in the drama.

In the Mozart Fantasia in D Minor, the opening section is very different from the main theme that follows. I think he was playing in this music, and that understanding gave me a way into interpreting this piece. I feel playful when I play the Fantasia in D Minor—this piece is a lot of fun. Now I really enjoy playing Mozart; it has expanded my imagination. I look forward to adding more Mozart to my repertoire.

Guest writer Toshiko Nishino has performed as an amateur pianist at several places such as the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Yamaha Artist Services, Steinway Hall, and Weill Hall. She has studied with Professor Jesey Stryjniak, Dr. Hugo Goldenzweig, and Gohei Nishikawa, and at present is studying with Noriko Suzuki and Cosmo Buono. She works as an accountant at Sojitz Corporation of America, and has been an assistant at H & K Arts Management since July 2011.


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    Very nice interpretation! I have been thinking about learning this piece, and your playing has inspired me to get started on it.

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    I enjoyed Ms Nishino’s interpretation of the MozartFantasy in D minor. I played it years ago while in school at one of my juries.


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