Articles by Lesley Green Leben, Contributing Writer at Grand Piano Passion™

Lesley Green Leben is a writer, fundraiser, and amateur flutist. She credits all her accomplishments (her 29-year marriage included) to a combination of humor and hard work. Her articles have been published by More Magazine online and Dan's Papers online. After a 30-year hiatus, Lesley is thrilled to once again be making music.

Breaking the Rules in Adult Music Lessons

A flutist learns some fingering shortcuts from her teacher that make it easier to play certain notes, and finds out that other rules of music can be broken. »


Your Brain on Adult Music Lessons

Studies show that music lessons are good for your brain as a child or an adult. An adult student wants to see if studying the flute will improve her memory. »


A Good Enough Tempo for a Flute and Piano Duet

After an adult music student agrees to play a flute and piano duet with a friend, insecurities bubble up, especially when she learns of the expected tempo. »


Adult Music Lessons Brought Out the Child in Me

Flute lessons bring out the inner child in this adult music student, who's jealous of the attention her teacher gives a blonde, seven-year-old star pupil. »


How I Learned to Count at 49

An adult flutist has a secret: she never knew how to count music. After skating by in middle school band, she now adds logic and technique to her playing. »