Articles by Nancy M. Williams, Founding Editor at Grand Piano Passion™

Nancy M. Williams is an award-winning writer and ardent amateur pianist. She performs in amateur concerts despite a genetic hearing loss, and in 2012 she debuted in recital at Carnegie Hall. She serves on the board of the Hearing Health Foundation.

Dr. Bauman’s Brief on Personalizing Your Music Setting

An expert explains how musicians with hearing loss can personalize their hearing aids’ music setting by tuning in to the subjective nature of sound perception. »


Dr. Chasin’s Checklist for Optimizing Your Hearing Aids for Music

For musicians with hearing loss, we offer this expert-verified checklist to take to your audiologist to create a better music program on your hearing aids. »


Power Poses for Piano Practice

Learn how to use power poses, posture, and other bodily strategies to take on the challenges of piano practice, through applying principles from Amy Cuddy. »


I Reveal My Hearing Loss…at a Piano Recital

When an amateur pianist with a hearing loss forgets to turn on the music setting on her hearing aids during a recital, she has to stop the performance. »


Stories from Musicians with Hearing Loss

The second edition of Making Music with a Hearing Loss collects more personal narratives from, as well as useful strategies for, hearing-impaired musicians. »


Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Piano Nerds

This insider’s guide offers 10 holiday gift ideas, from silly to practical to beautiful, for the adult piano student or classical music nerd in your life. »


Top 10 Benefits of Being a Piano Nerd

The sooner you admit to being a full-on piano nerd, the sooner you can start to appreciate the unexpected benefits it brings to the rest of your life. »


My Clacking Shoe

While performing Debussy at a recital, this adult piano student faced performance anxiety, her foot shaking on the pedal and making an embarrassing noise. »


The Willy Wonka of Classical Music

Stephen Malinowski’s colorful visual representations of the notes in works of classical music help deepen our understanding of Bach’s radiant complexities. »


How Claiming My Passion Transformed My Writing Career

After reclaiming her passion for playing piano, this writer’s fear of submitting essays for publication diminished and her writing career began to blossom. »


Best of 2015: A Veteran with Hearing Loss Plays Piano, Musicians’ Earplugs, and More

Our top articles of 2015 on music and hearing loss: a veteran with hearing loss, tips on earplugs and hearing aids, how auditory memory works, and more. »


Veteran Plays Piano Despite Suicide Bomber Attack

This Army veteran survived a suicide bomber attack in Iraq. Upon his return, despite severe injuries and hearing loss, all he wanted was to play the piano. »


Top 5 Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids and Making Music

Get the top 5 tips for playing a musical instrument while wearing hearing aids, in this exclusive interview with an amateur pianist who has a hearing loss. »


Cast a Spell with Schumann’s Album for the Young

Tips on how to play and interpret the contemplative No. 30 from Schumann’s Album for the Young, and create variety to avoid monotony in the repeating motif. »


Why Pianists Need Musicians’ Earplugs

All musicians, including pianists, should invest in a set of custom musicians’ earplugs and keep them on hand for hearing protection in loud environments. »


How to Find the Right Audiologist: Service, Service, Service

A musician with hearing loss offers tips on how to find the right audiologist for your needs—such as custom hearing aid settings for playing and performing. »


Why I’m Going to the HLAA Convention

As she gets ready to attend the HLAA convention, Nancy M. Williams reflects on how freeing it is to be part of this community of people with hearing loss. »


Understanding Tempo Rubato

The push and pull of tempo rubato is a tricky concept for this adult piano student, until she comes to understand rhythm through the poetry of Mary Oliver. »


Faking It with My Hearing Loss

Faking is routine for those with hearing loss; Nancy M. Williams relies on the Bert and Ernie letter songs to overcome her tendency to fake conversation. »


Piano Trills and Bach

The piano trills in the Bach Invention No. 1 trip up Nancy M. Williams in this next installment of her piano practice notes. »

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