Piano performance tips


My Clacking Shoe

While performing Debussy at a recital, this adult piano student faced performance anxiety, her foot shaking on the pedal and making an embarrassing noise. »


Prelude in E Minor, a Poem

During a performance of the Chopin Prelude in E Minor, the feeling of fear brought poet Mary Jo Balistreri’s memory back to a childhood drowning incident. »


Piano Performance Tips from Veteran Gregg Kallor

After playing on 88 different Sing for Hope pianos around New York City for his video, veteran pianist Gregg Kallor offers his piano performance tips here. »


Practicing in Performance Mode

Amateur pianist Nancy M. Williams makes the mistake of thinking piano practice with Schubert Sonata in A Major in so-called "performance mode" will be easy. »

Giving Back During the Holidays at a Halfway House

Giving Back During the Holidays at a Halfway House

On Christmas, baritone Barry Alexander sings for residents of a halfway house. He finds giving back during the holidays one of the best ways to perform. »

Carnegie Hall

Visualization for Carnegie Hall

After walking the spiritual Labyrinth at church, Nancy M. Williams comes up with a visualization strategy for her upcoming piano recital at Carnegie Hall. »


Rethinking Adult Piano Lessons with Mozart

Gorden Cheng, who won an amateur piano competition playing a Mozart sonata, explains why Mozart can be more difficult to master than Liszt or Rachmaninoff. »

Ricker Choi plays Liszt's Totentanz

How to Perform a Piano Concerto

Ricker Choi performed a Liszt piano concerto with an orchestra for an amateur piano competition, and he offers his insider's perspective in this interview. »

A Dress Rehearsal for a New Year’s Performance

A Dress Rehearsal for a New Year’s Performance

Nancy M. Williams uses an upcoming performance as a reason to finally share classical piano music with friends, inviting them to a holiday dress rehearsal. »


When Your Piano Teacher Is a Composer

Having Seymour Bernstein, the composer of New Pictures at an Exhibition, as a piano teacher got Mark Cannon interested in more modern classical piano music. »


Ensembles and Adult Piano Lessons

Alberto De Salas believes that playing in an ensemble is crucial to a pianist’s development. The founder of the Amateur Classical Musicians Association (ACMA), Alberto performed an Ástor Piazzolla pie... »


Giving Back at the Cadillac Hotel

Ria Carlo, a recording pianist, decides to give back by playing a free concert in the Tenderloin district, and finds an enthusiastic, appreciative audience. »

Matt Harre gives adult piano students advice on performance.

Why Students of Adult Piano Lessons Should Perform

In this exclusive video for GRAND PIANO PASSION™, Matt Harre gives adult piano students useful tips for preparing for their performances. Matthew Harre believes that performing on the piano is a diffe... »

Losing Control in Adult Piano Lessons

atthew Harre, one of the most well-known teachers of adult piano lessons in the Washington DC area, prescribes scales, patience, and practice like many of his music-teaching brethren. Yet after a stud... »

This Sounded So Much Better at Home

When Nancy M. Williams performed the Chopin Nocturne in E-flat Major at church, nerves got the best of her. Of course it had sounded so much better at home. »

Press Record to Improve Your Sound

Press Record to Improve Your Sound

One method to improve your sound in classical piano music is to record yourself playing. The mistakes will ring out with clarity and become easier to fix. »

Learning the score without the piano.

Reentry Points: Performance Strategies for Adult Piano Lessons

After a few performance mistakes, Nancy M. Williams adopts a strategy of practicing reentry points in her adult piano lessons, so she can get back on track. »