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Reflections on a Grand Passion™ has changed its name to Grand Piano Passion™! See our new online magazine format and enhanced content, same great writing.
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Welcome to GRAND PIANO PASSION™. Two years ago, wanting to write about how reclaiming the piano had transformed my life, I launched a blog, calling it REFLECTIONS ON A GRAND PASSION™. Now, hundreds of articles and original videos later, I’m thrilled to announce our new name, new online magazine format, and exciting additions to our content.

A Name Change

Our new name is GRAND PIANO PASSION™. It’s crisper, contains the critical term piano and preserves the word passion, the fuel that motivates all of us to practice the piano and listen to classical piano music.

An Online Magazine Format

Our new design will make our content library much easier to access. We also organize the articles in new and interesting ways, by Most Read, Most Liked, and by composer, when relevant. The color scheme—teal, smoky green, deep blue, and gold—makes me think of an online oasis, the virtual complement to the physical oasis I experience at the piano.

Better Mobile Version

Over the past year, our mobile traffic has doubled. The new site automatically adjusts to iPads and mobile phones, making it easier to find articles of interest and to read them when you are on the go.

Continued Commitment to Good Writing

I’m proud of our commitment to thoughtful, clear, and inspirational writing. I am not afraid to publish long-form essays, and never dash off a quick post simply to score search engine points. In our new magazine format, we continue to strive to give you the best writing. As a bonus, the new format will make longer articles easier to read.

Continued Emphasis on Profiles and Original Videos

Almost everyone I interviewed stressed how the site gives a sense of community around their goal of practicing the piano. We will continue to profile pianists of all levels, from fledgling beginners to seasoned performers, from all over the world, and to include original videos of their music. “When you’re playing piano on any level, it gives you a feeling of being alone. But logging onto your site, I can read about how this person struggled with this music and conquered it,” says Robin Sloane Seibert, who recently agreed to be a Contributing Editor for GRAND PIANO PASSION™.

Same Great Practice Pointers

The articles and essays on all aspects of technique, from scales and trills to practicing tips, all written from the perspective of a practicing pianist, will continue in full form.

More Articles on Hearing and Music

Almost two-thirds of adult musicians have a hearing loss, and unfortunately I count myself in that group. Going forward, we will publish more articles at the intersection of hearing and music, relevant to all musicians with hearing loss or family members or friends of musicians with a hearing impairment.

More Curated Content

In addition to recommending books, recordings, and videos, going forward we will also publish the Top News Articles of the Month for Piano Study, as well as the Top News Articles of the Month on Hearing and Music. With expertise in both of those areas, GRAND PIANO PASSION™ is able to direct you to the most interesting and relevant news. Look for the February roundups on Hearing and Music later this week, and the summary on Piano Study early next week.

Please let me know what you think about our upgraded site.


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    I love grand piano passion!


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